“‘Being there for someone when they need you – that’s all relationships are” ~Ellie



Your heart is so kind

I will never forget all of the nights that you spent with me at the hospital through surgeries. Entertaining me. Serving me. Crying, even though you thought I was sleeping; just morphine. I was awake. I pray daily for you to regain your strength and humor. You are far more than what people have beat you up to be. You’re an amazing dad, and one of the best friends I’ve ever been blessed to have. I send you all of my strength today on your new journey. You are going to rock it, because your heart is solid, and we all fall down the rabbit hole once in our lives. Sometimes more than once. Our robot vacuum will miss you. So many good vibes sent up today spending time with your family. You have a foundation. Now you build. You FUCKING build.

Yodas home

Long two weeks with no car. So very blessed to have friends like Jonathan. You have to be a good friend to have a good friend. No more car pooling though, as fun as it was. Happy birthday to the best person I may actually know; sister aside. You have to kick some people out of your life to focus on the good ones. Soak up the joy; throat punch the drama. One happy hannah. Happy weekend all.