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“‘Being there for someone when they need you – that’s all relationships are” ~Ellie



11 responses to ““‘Being there for someone when they need you – that’s all relationships are” ~Ellie

  1. Kickdrum ⋅

    It’s beautiful. Through all of the tears and sadness it was a beautiful night. I wait for another tonight but I don’t want to wake you.
    I am so sorry for all that you went through. I know I am not him, but find the wonder in the fact that I am not him. I would never do those things to you. Not on a normal day, and certainly not when you are already so bruised. I love you madam and I can’t tell you that life is going to be ok. I must only tell you that life will hold laughs and love. You have the best laugh I’ve ever heard in my entirety. Starting over is hard, but stopping is harder. You learned a lesson at the worst possible time to learn it and for that I am so very hurt. I urge you to hang on to the fact that you learned it.
    People who love you don’t set out to hurt you or even to crush you. What was held for you was not love. I left you to seek your own answers but I prayed to my God every night to bring you back to my arms. While you gave up on god I held him stronger in my life. Never lose sight of the answer that Addison gave you. You asked and she gave it to you. It wasn’t the answer you wanted but the one you needed. Let her continue to guide your life. Do not reflect on fools who she has shown you their true colors. She visits you alone. She gives your answers. Stop running and listen to your baby girl. I love you and I am on my way. Not to save you, but to convince you. Love me back. For now just laugh. It fills my body with pure joy.

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  2. I love this shot where is it? I am glad the day wasn’t a complete disaster what happened to your foot? I love you Mel. Thank you for the pictures.

    “Jason also realized
    that in that moment,
    he wasn’t afraid, because he
    thought she wasn’t the one.
    He was absolutely terrified,
    because he knew she was.”

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  3. Kickdrum ⋅

    You are the blondest person I have ever met. She’s setting your phone off with you are my sunshine but you can’t hear. I love you. Tomorrow is new. Tomorrow will be better my babe.

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  4. Please keep me up
    To date on her night. Love you mel.

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  5. quit toting around a damn pharmacy! Or get an organizer or something. I was in my damn car on the way. I am glad that you are ok. I am going to shake you when i see you again. ❤

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