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It now begins

8th car we saw tonight. This one happened to be parked so I could capture it. My how you infested this city. The walls of the most guarded hearts. You broke all boundaries and I am so proud to have been your mom. Each day I give a small yes for addy. I know it’s late, but may it be something. I love you honey.



12 responses to “It now begins

  1. We still havent gotten ours. I love it

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  2. It is such a great way to keep her memory alive, and to remind you to keep saying yes to good things everyday. Forest gump. I am sure she is smiling and laughing seeing them all. I love you and have a good day. And stop this 3 am mess!

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  3. Kickdrum ⋅

    She called you forest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m dying over here. I want my damn stickers. Leslie I like the 3 am messes. Might stretch so far to say that I love them. She sleeps some. I promise you.

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  4. Kickdrum ⋅

    And we always will. It keeps that girl alive and watching over us. These are the best 3ams that I’ve ever known. I’ve never seen nor felt such love and power. I hope she is playing and sees our gestures each morning. Sleep is overrated. Cuddling is not. Each day I love you more as you snore in my lap. Even in pieces, you are beautiful to me. I hate to wake you for the show. We worked on a new one for you though so I must. You kind of have to be up for this to work. When you wake and read this, know that you hold a heart in your hands. I gave it. You break it and I’ll break your shoes. I hope when you read it we are having champagne. I’m scared. Darling you astound me. Just looking at you, I see hurt strength power love and eternity. All in one face. This is new to me. Here goes nothing and everything all at once!

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    • Babe wouldnt have missed it for the world. You all amaze me. Yes a thousand times over. Addy is so happy to see the 303 celebration each night. Im sorry for snoring on you 😦 this week has kicked my ass. If i ever hurt you again, id gladly hand over my shoes. I carry your heart gently and protectively. I love you so very much. You sing. I dance. I can live this life with you. She sees it all.


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