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DC with all my loves; blew

You guys gave us the most amazing weekend I’ve ever had. Finally got the videos uploaded. Cards against humanity. Mcnuts pub. Pirates tavern. Uber. Best 800 I’ve ever spent in a weekend. I love you both (and you bae so much) I. Fucking. Love. It.

Enjoy! No face booking this 😂😂😂


3 responses to “DC with all my loves; blew

  1. oh my fucking god i am crying from laughing at rob. he keeps rubbing his shoulder to encourage him. this was the best trip i love you so much

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  2. we were dying laughing uploading them and all of the pictures. didn’t want these on facebook though. he totally encouraged him! I am glad rob likes him. we are in trouble. I love you and cant wait to do it again ❤ I expext there to be trumpet lessons before then so rob can actually play the biggie song 🙂

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  3. I know, I got some really good ones too. I will get them up. I will practice and bump some biggie ❤ See you soon I love you


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