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2 weeks ago, it was all OK

I have been following this phenomenal woman. Her loss is tragic. We must always remember what we have. What we take for granted. Something we gripe about. If you baby is crying late at night, know that it is anothers wish to hear that very sound.

Confessions of Little Miss PMA

We were given the news we spent 20 weeks waiting for…a perfectly healthy baby. We’d done it, finally.

For 9 days, all was well, hubby and i were the happiest we’d ever been. Nothing could touch us, we were invinceable.

The day before we met her, she was kicking me so hard it was hard to concentrate. The next day she was gone.

I cant make any sense of it, in less than 24hrs, something ended this pregnancy. I had no say in it, no idea it was happening. How bad a Mum am i? I just cannot protect my children.  Or at least thats how it feels.

With Milo we had time to deal with the diagnosis and time to make the decision, time to come to terms with what was happening.

Millie was so FAST. Contractions start at 4pm, waters go at about 7.15pm and at 7.48pm she…

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