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For the dogs 

Tuesday’s are always a mess. We got to almost finish the room. Poor dogs. Addy got bathed and dyed and Kato got a severe haircut. It’s been a long week with no ac, but can’t complain. Watching my paw paw slowly go has been so painful. When I go to Asheville he talks about me as a child, along with Addison.  The times that hurt are when he forgets who I am. First words in the door were “of everyone to come see me, I’m so glad it’s you.” We have got to talk about so many things and people and catch up. Although I am not happy with his path, I am at comfort with it. It’s rare that we get to create our goodbyes. To be able to shut the door peacefully with nothing left unsaid. For this, I am blessed. I find a ton of peace knowing that addy will be waiting for him. I, sadly, find more peace in knowing that he’ll be there with her. He’s always been her favorite (as well as my own). Watching your “dad” pass is never easy, but having a heads up and saying all that is unsaid is a true blessing. For this, I continue to thank God. Each day is a blessed one. It’s never how I intended, but it’s always amazing.  I can’t quit laughing my ass off, despite.  



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  1. Looking good. Hope we get to catch up soon, i miss talking to you. We have you in our prayers and i am here to see you through it all, no matter the miles. I love you, and i can not express how proud of you that i am.

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