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14 Struggles Only Women Who Get Ready Faster Than Their Significant Others Understand

Bahahahaha! #spoton

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Drinking BuddiesDrinking Buddies

1. When you get home from work and your significant others says, “hey babe, are you gonna change before dinner?” Is that a real question? Of course not. You rarely change after work. You’re wearing jeans, like, do you really need to get much classier than that to go get Thai food around the corner?

2. You two as a pair are always late for things and you always get blamed for it, even when it’s your partner’s fault.

3. Just because their hair happens to be 11 inches shorter than yours does not mean yours takes 11 times longer to do. On the contrary, long hair can be left down, or tied into a knot at the top of your head. Yet somehow no amount of gel that is 90% melted plastic can remedy short hair.

4. People generally assume that your eyeliner or mascara is perfect…

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