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A Letter To The Ex Who Put Me Through Hell

Thought Catalog

Our relationship wasn’t perfect. Neither were you or I. We were two lost ships floating in the night that found each other. We were both struggling to find our place in the world. I believed you could provide what I needed. You were attractive and charismatic and at first all you wanted was me. I was in an awful place. You found value in what I thought was worthless. You liked me and I couldn’t understand why.

A few months in I started to realize my mistakes. You drank a lot and you were insulting. If I wasn’t doing things your way you spent your time belittling me. It got old really quick. You picked on my anxiety condition and my weight. My imperfections bothered you. Or so I believed they did. We both made a lot of mistakes; perhaps one of them was spending time together in the first…

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