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20 Often Overlooked Signs That You Value Simplicity In Every Aspect Of Your Life

Thought Catalog

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1. You’ve finally established go-tos. You have go-to meals you like, and can make quickly. You have go-to friends to spend time with on Thursday night when you don’t want to move, but want company with your wine. For that matter, you a have go-to wine.

2. You’ve gotten rid of all your paperwork from five years ago. And the paperwork that’s left – a lovely gathering of Time Warner bills and your recent tax returns is ORGANIZED, even if that concept was foreign to you a year ago.

3. You own things that are necessary for house guests. When people come to visit you have extra towels and aren’t running around trying to find a blanket that hopefully got washed after your last beach trip of the summer.

4. You’ve weeded out all the contacts from your phone that you’ll never use. You’ve cut your losses and realized…

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