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3 Clichés About Love That Could Not Be Further From The Truth

Thought Catalog

Love can be described in so many ways. Different people describe love in different ways depending on their experience with love. I think that the way you see love has something to do with the way you experienced it, and base on my experiences; I disagree with these cliché love sayings. Everyone has his or her own opinion and this is mine.

1. Love is blind

Everyone has heard of the cliché saying, “Love is blind.” When little girls fill up those popular slam books there is usually a question that says, what is love? And most little girls would write, Love is blind. I was one of those little girls. But growing up, I began to view love in a different way. Now, I don’t think love is blind. Love is a lot of things but it is not blind, it is anything but blind. Love is the only…

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