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21 Signs Your Relationship Is Making You A Better Person

ā¤ This #truestory

Thought Catalog

1. Since you canā€™t imagine being with anyone else, thereā€™s honestly no oneā€™s life youā€™d rather live, so envy starts to seem like a foreign emotion.

2. You find yourself making more and more tiny compromisesā€”about which type of movie to watch, or what time to eat dinnerā€”without feeling at all bitter.

3. In fact, you nearly leap at the chance to accommodate your partnerā€™s needs whenever possible.

4.Your main need might just be to meet their needs. And why not? Youā€™ve spent enough years focused entirely on number one.

5. More than ever, you now understand the secret upside to selfless behavior: When one personā€™s happiness is so infectious that it becomes yours, everyone wins no matter what.

6. You wake up every morning feeling genuinely lucky to have met someone you get to love so damn much.

7. Overwhelmed by gratitude, you catch yourself saying ā€œthank youā€ā€¦

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