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I Love You Like Unicorns And Ice Cream

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I love you like unicorns and ice cream. Hard to explain. Harder to believe. The possibilities are endless. In this vast universe and out of the millions, I met you. Love was never easy but to love someone like you is not impossible.

I love you like unicorns, unique in a very special way. You are who you are. In every way, I feel honored and blessed to have you.

I love you like ice cream, a frozen dessert made of cream and whatever ingredient that adds to its flavor. It can be strawberry, mango, chocolate, watermelon, rocky road, cookies and cream or maybe even bacon. It can be eaten in a cup or in a cone or with pancakes or with cookies. But it’s not ice cream without the ice. You are the ice. No matter what life brings me, having you makes life more interesting.

I love you…

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