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9 Notes For My Future Daughter

Thought Catalog

1. Loyalty is everything. Only give it to those that have earned it.

2. Unfortunately love, like alcohol, is a mother. Men and boys alike will swear love to you, not even to get in your pants, but to keep you waiting in the wings while they run around and chase their newest fascination. They know you are the girl they could take home, but they’re not going home at 22. You are my daughter and you are greatness and I expect you to never be a doormat at any time in your life.

3. I have worked very hard for someone who is 21. I hope I have given you an easier life like your grandfather tried his best to give me.

4. If you need something or even if you’ve made a small mistake while away at school, call me immediately. I can’t promise not to yell, but…

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