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15 Reasons All Grown Women Should Wear Pigtails

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Thought Catalog

img_20141025_1204341. Pigtails are the most effective antidote to the greasy hair conundrum. Rather than shower as soon as you enter dreadlock territory, you can just tie your hair into two cute ponies and let them drape down your shoulders. Trust a seasoned pigtailer that you won’t feel at all dirty.

2. With a dead center part and two braids, you’ll look very “Native American”—an awesome, unexpected change in styling pace from your existing go-to ‘dos.

3. With pigtail braids wrapped around the crown of her head, you’ll look very “prairie.” Another charming style to add to the rotation.

4. All it takes to stretch the no hair washing yet another day is the addition of a cool headband.

5. Freed from the burden of frequent self cleaning, you’ll marvel at the vast stretches of time saved.

6. The hours no longer spent grooming will leave you room to sleep later…

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