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5 Types Of Exes Who You Should Never Talk To Again And Why

Thought Catalog

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1. The Ex Who Texts You Every Time His Girlfriend Dumps Him

This guy is one of a kind. When you two originally broke up you didn’t maintain a strong friendship, most likely because he stopped talking to you. All of a sudden, three months, four months, maybe even years down the road you start receiving texts from him like crazy, as if you two are old pals. You wonder why he’s suddenly reaching out, and then you realize he’s recycling his past girlfriends because his current one kicked him to the curb. Don’t bother with the ex who only wants you when he’s lonely. You aren’t recyclable. You’re human, not plastic.

2. The Ex Who Texts You Even When He Has A Girlfriend

His wink faced emojis do not suggest that he’s texting you for coffee and doughnuts, he’s texting you to see if you’ll…

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