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11 Non-Sexual Ways To Increase The Intimacy In Your Relationship

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Flickr / Samantha BeddoesFlickr / Samantha Beddoes

What if I told you that by not having sex you can actually increase the intimacy in your relationship? You’re probably thinking, Hold on a minute! How do you get more intimate than having sex? Or, Doesn’t no sex mean trouble in paradise? Sex and intimacy are two very different things, and one is more influential than the other in creating long-term relationship success.

After the initial hot and heavy stage that every couple experiences — when you actually shower, shave, and brush your teeth before each date — things naturally cool off a bit. It’s the stage where you don’t need to have sex to feel close and connected. Some people know they have a “marriage material” partner when they have just as much fun being silly in sweatpants together as when it gets hot and heavy in the bedroom.

In my relationship, it was…

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