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What People In Healthy Relationships Must Accept About Each Other To Thrive As A Couple

Thought Catalog

Ben RosettBen Rosett

1. You’re both going to change and evolve over the course of your relationship.

One of the things that stifles a lot of relationships and ultimately results in their demise is the fact a lot of people can’t handle seeing their partner change. You meet someone and you develop a relationship based on who they are as you know them now, but if they decide to make a career change or pursue a new passion or interest, it can feel uncomfortable and threatening to the relationship.

For a healthy couple to be successful they have to accept that both people in the relationship are individuals with their own set of desires, dreams, fears, and insecurities. This doesn’t mean you have to accept everything they do, especially if their behavior becomes damaging to you and your relationship, but you can accept and understand your partner will change and evolve…

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