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The Beauty Of Overthinking That Normal People Don’t Ever Think About

Thought Catalog

Even writing this is making my head spin.

You know how they say that people tend to overthink situations and analyze the world to death are worse off in the long run? For more people than are probably recognized, this is a universal truth. How can we not overanalyze everything around us in a world where nothing is ever as it seems and deceit can lie around every corner? The principle cause of this phenomenon lies in one thing, in my eyes. It’s the way you use this power.

I’m no professional, and I can’t show you clinical laboratory results proving that my theory is true. Frankly, my ideas about human nature might be so far from what anyone else will ever think to be true that writing this is pointless. See, there I go, thinking too much again.

I’m writing this for everyone who thinks too much and gets…

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