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23 Unromantic Realities You Have To Accept If You Want Lasting Love

Thought Catalog

1. You won’t always feel loving towards your significant other. There will be moments when you say you do, but it’s not exactly, entirely true.

2. You won’t always be sexually attracted to them, either.

3. In fact, sometimes you’ll look at your partner and feel nothing but sincere disgust and rage, bordering on hate.

4. Indifference, not hate, is the opposite of love, you’ll have to remind yourself. A comforting thought when things get dark—and believe me, they will.

5. The quirks you’ve always adored in your partner might very well annoy the fuck out of you once in a while.

6. Even a person’s most beautiful features and loveliest traits can seem unimaginably irritating if they’re behaving in a way that drives you crazy, or if you’re stuck in the rut of a terrible mood for whatever reason.

7. The truth is, no one has bottomless reserves of…

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