Happy Birthday My One

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Addy is finally here. So blessed to see her painting being sold all over the country. #imomhard

“This piece was painted in memory of Addison – a happy 6 year old girl with a cheeky contagious smile, twisted sense of humor and outgoing nature. Despite her diagnosis with cerebral palsy, she worked incredibly hard to do amazing things in her short life.

She was one of my biggest fans, with many of my prints and original paintings covering her walls. The funny thing is, I was as much as a fan of her as she was of me. Her determination and positive outlook will continue to inspire me forever more.

Included in this painting are things that are uniquely ‘Addison’ – from the color palette chosen, to her favorite character “Stitch”, skull and crossbones, 3 magical stars, polka dots and hibiscus flowers.

Prints available here: http://bit.ly/1hmzA8j
(US$5 from the sale of this print will go towards a garden that is being built in Addison’s honor at her school).” ~Jaz Higgins11933414_1041442802541551_586301014593126891_n