Day 30 Write a letter to your future mate saying whatever you want to say


Dear My Prince Charming,

Hi. I am a mess at times, you know this already. I thank you for sticking with me. I ask that you never take me at face value. I have this mask of being a strong person, make sure that I continue to let you see me without it. You are the only one who ever will. To last for the rest of my life, you need to see this. I will hide from you. Find me. I will push, pull me back in. Know that my I am so passionate and tender hearted in all that I do. I wont show you that. Know I dont cry unless my heart is broken, or I am mad. I have only cried twice over a broken heart. Please dont be the third. Please always be honest with me about everything. I need that. I will do the same in return. One small white lie can rip apart the most grand of palaces, we’ve learned that. Please never cheat, if I am not what you want-tell me. If I am doing something to disappoint you or hurt you in any way-tell me. Do not hold it in. It is poison. I promise to do the same. Please fight tooth and nail to restore any bad that tries to tear us apart, whether it be family, friends, who ever. We worked really hard to get here. At the end of the day, it is you and I, and they do not matter. Leave work at the door. When you walk in, it is family time. Leave drama outside that door. Home is a sacred place, please dont bring any negativity into it. It is a place of peace. If you are reading this. I love you Mister, and I am sure I have pinky swore to you that we would make it this far by now.